Legal employment

Given the significant increase in the number of employment agencies that offer various options to clients, some of which also include hidden elements of human trafficking, with invalid and/or forged documents being used for employment, we would like to highlight the regulations and procedures regarding the employment of Filipino citizens – which PINOY 385 fully complies with.

Commitment to the highest professional, ethical and legal standards results in successful employment, which is best confirmed by mutual, long-term satisfaction and safety of the client and employee. An added value to the service we provide is given by our team members who are themselves Filipino citizens and are involved in all phases of operations, including cooperation and communication with workers and employers for the duration of the employment.

Employer accreditation

The Republic of the Philippines, through its Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) and the Migrant Workers Office (MWO), defines guidelines and conditions for the employment of its citizens directly from the Philippines.

In accordance with the guidelines, the process includes:

  • Verification of stipulated documentation
  • MWO pre-approval
  • DMW accreditation

Employment that is in accordance with the DMW guidelines guarantees to the employer that the worker:

  • Underwent a medical examination in the Philippines, which is a guarantee of being fit to work, when signing the employment contract and submitting the application for the Stay and work permit (SWP)
  • attended the mandatory :
  • took out a mandatory overseas insurance policy in the Philippines that covers repatriation costs
  • obtained the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) which serves as an exit clearance from the Philippines, example document
  • is familiar with the basic labor law provisions of the Republic of Croatia
  • is informed about socially acceptable norms for staying in the Republic of Croatia

The approval status

An employer can verify the approval status of their accreditation on the official website of the Philippine regulatory authorities via this link.

Search can be performed according to the following criteria:

All additional information related to the employer’s accreditation process and the stipulated conditions of the Philippine regulator are available on the website of the consulate of the Republic of the Philippines, specifically of the Migrant Workers Office in Milan.

The Agency additionally provides administrative and logistical support to clients through advisory services and assistance in processing and obtaining the necessary documentation. Our representative welcomes every Filipino worker upon arrival to Croatia while we also provide options of organizing transportation to the workers’ residence.

Due to the significance of integration of Filipino workers into their work environment as well as into the Croatian society, we hold introductory training for workers about the Croatian state, culture and language, and we offer them the option for additional consultations at the Agency.

As members of expert bodies such as the Croatian Employers’ Association – Coordination for Agency Work and Intermediation in Employment and the Association of Agencies at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, PINOY 385 also actively participates in expert panels and discussions in the field of employment of foreign workers in the Republic of Croatia. In this way, we are continuously improving ourselves in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and at the same time we are contributing to the optimization of the process of hiring Filipino workers in the Republic of Croatia.

Contact us.

Contact us and find answers to all your questions.

Our team will provide you with all the information you need about hiring Filipino workers.

Contact us.

Contact us and find answers to all your questions.

Our team will provide you with all the information you need about hiring Filipino workers.

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